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Vivanda has given new meaning to the art of gift-giving. Each gift bearing the Vivanda name brings with it an age-old tradition of gift offering. A gift from Vivanda is a reflection not only of a rich tradition of hospitality but also of impeccable taste. Our wide selection of luxurious and traditional packaging offers a wide variety of suitable choices, whether for family, friends orbusiness associates

We always strive for perfection, never compromising on the quality of our raw ingredients or finished products. Combining the fantastic produce with traditional methods and cutting edge techniques allows us to produce a truly artisanal range of chocolates, confections and patisserie


Why Choose Us

 As a team, we’re inspired by our vast international backgrounds and all kinds of culinary traditions. This diversity comes through not only in who we are as people but also in our wide variety of products. To put it simply, our product is the best out there.

Quality is always our top priority, so you can be sure everything we deliver, from our treats to our packaging, will be top-notch and special.

It’s a place where creativity and craftsmanship combine with fresh ingredients to present a truly artisanal range of confections

We are so thrilled to welcome you to our newly launched web store. It was a long-pending demand from our patrons across India. Please explore at ease and choose a gift box that truly represents you and your occasion.